Eraser Carving Stamp Workshop

I was having a workshop last couple of weeks, and it’s my first time teaching workshop out of town and it’s very exciting. The workshop was held on a Handmade Movement event in Jakarta, actually I forgot my carving tools but fortunately I have enough cutters for the students to use, fiuuh. There’s bloody scene too because some of my students accidentally cuts them self , (note to my self to bring band aids on workshops).

Paperon workshop Paperon workshop

New Print on Society6

Wow! It’s been ages since my last submission to society6. This is an old one but I decide to put it up to society6, and  society6 has rugs now! totally awesome, so if you want to add some horror in your life hmm well maybe these cute monsters doesn’t apply.

Anyway just click the link to get your own monsters. :D

halloween monsters on society6

Want To Work With Us?



Hi guys! PaperOn membuka peluang kerja buat kalian yang ingin kerja di bidang kreatif, yuk liat keterangannya..

1. Penjahit

syarat; cewek, smk, maks 24 thn, full time, rajin, teliti.

2. Part time Job

syarat; ce/co, smk/mhs/i diutamakan jur seni, tidak merokok, ingin belajar, semangat.

job desc; mencukil, block printing, asistensi.

Silahkan kirim cv kalian ke

Update! Lowongan sudah terisi. Thankyou